ISNA against ... what?

In the wake of their self-celebrated, if otherwise ignored, interfaith dialogue-fest, ISNA has released a series of videos in which "American Muslim Scholars Speak Out Against Religious Extremism and Terrorism". Well, they do speak out against a lot of things, but it's mostly the wicked and evil U.S. military and the genocidal injustice of the United States. Zaid Shakir was especially creepy. But in the entire series of videos not once does even one of the speakers use the word "terrorism".

And what's up with their kids? Again and again, extremely specific mention is made of what seems to be a particular instance of internet recruitment, by certain ignorant scholars. To judge from the number of times this was mentioned, one gets the sense that something is happening that makes the good folks at ISNA worry.

The videos have been available on Youtube for a few months. Still almost no one is watching most of them. And as for the youth... It seems that not all are convinced by ISNA's new emphasis. Some alarming comments were posted before commenting could be disabled:

what a load of crap, i shall only give u 1 advice which is to FEAR ALLAH cos ur really walking on a thin line and ur misleading many muslims with ur hyprocrisy
dear dr maher, what nonsense are you speaking.. Please learn more about islam & preach... Dont be afraid of anybody.. Be afraid of only the wrath of Allah. Dont be among the one who sell their religion for the sake of few dollars. I pray tht Allah gives you beneficial knowledge. Aameen.
The youth don't care what these people say. They are sell outs in the eyes of the new muslim generation. Muslims and Islam is under attack by the kuffar and they rather discuss how muslims should not defend themselves. Let them address these issues rather then turning a blind eye and try to please the american people.

Time for the real adults in the community to start doing the discipline?

"I absolutely do not advise you to make such marriage [sic]."

Irving, Texas. May 27, 2010. The indictment [PDF] alleges that local imam Ibrahim Dremali (originally from Gaza) and his wife Saffa Eissa (also from Gaza) did the following: (1) Married one another back in the Middle East; (2) Lied about being married to one another when they later married two U.S. citizens; (3) Got U.S. citizenship; (4) Divorced their "second" spouses and then shortly after got (officially) married to one another in the U.S.; and (5) Lied on official documents more times than I cared to count.

Illegal, it would seem. Certainly contrary to Islamic law, as Ibrahim Dremali himself, a member of the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America, stated in the following fatwa [no. 23005, issued in 2005], in answer to the question: "What is the Shariah stand of 'white marriage', i.e. marriage only for the purpose of getting the nationality of a foreign country, then separation occurs with money in return?"

"Answer: In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful Praise be to Allah, prayers and peace be upon His kind Messenger. This kind of marriage is not permissible, for it is built on cheating and deception. I absolutely do not advise you to make such marriage." Well said, brother Ibrahim.

Does the Muslim Brotherhood Still Recruit in the MSA?

There's no doubt that the MSA was started by the Brotherhood and that it was long used as an extended interview for potential recruits. Have they ceased to do so? Seemingly not, according to some great reporting by Paul M. Barrett (Student Journeys into Secret Circles of Extremism).

If the Brotherhood is continuing to recruit on campus, they are doing a grave injustice to those members of the MSA (the vast majority) who don't even know about their organization's history or its connections to the Brotherhood.

From the article: One afternoon, Mustafa Saied, a junior at the University of Tennessee, was summoned by a friend to a nearly empty campus cafeteria. The two settled themselves in a quiet corner, and Mr. Saied's friend invited him to join the Muslim Brotherhood. `Everything I had learned pointed to the Muslim Brotherhood being an awesome thing, the elite movement,' says Mr. Saied....

W.D. Fard -- Allah Incarnate and Founder of the Nation of Islam

Here they are: the declassified FBI files on W.D. Fard. A wealth of information on the earthly mission of Allah Incarnate and a fascinating glimpse into the early history of the Nation. Around 300 pages total. The PDF is in seven parts: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

BumbleBee MD -- "BumbleBee Investigative Reports from inside CAIR"

The anonymous author of this blog is or at least was a CAIR employee. He or she has been leaking internal CAIR documents, on and off, for the better part of a year. The documents seem authentic. (12 Jan. 2011: alas, no updates in a while. Mr. Gaubatz, how about a second volume?)