Course Requirements


List of Twitter accounts to follow

The Long War Journal


August 22 -- Introduction to Course and Requirements

Jihadists, GWOT, and Supreme Court

August 24 -- Begin reading Smadi dossier: Arrest Warrant [PDF]; Interrogation Transcript [PDF]; Video Transcript [PDF]; and Letter [PDF]

August 26 -- Finish Smadi dossier. [first reading report (RR1) is due]

August 29 -- Begin reading dossier for John Walker Lindh AKA Abu Sulayman al-Irlandi AKA Detainee #001 - Sentencing Memorandum [PDF], Indictment [PDF], and Prepared Statement [PDF]

August 31 -- Finish JWL dossier (RR2)

September 2 --- Begin reading discussion of JWL from Black Flag Forum [PDF]; Ballad of the Fleas [PDF]; Lt. Col. (Rtd) Rick Francona, "'Taliban John' Claims His Religious Rights Are Being Violated in Prison" [PDF]

September 5 -- LABOR DAY, NO CLASS

September 7 -- Finish Black Flag Forum discussion of JWL (RR3)

September 9 -- Begin reading Ex parte Quirin (1940) [RTF]

September 12 -- Finish Ex parte Quirin (RR4)

September 14 -- Begin reading dossier of documents re Gitmo [zip] (For your reading reports, please use a slightly different format this time. Page two should outline the Gitmo documents (all PDFs), excluding the short piece on ghostly cats. Page three should offer a narrative summary of the article by Herman.

September 16 -- Finish Gitmo dossier (RR5)

September 19 -- Adam Gadahn, profile and sample of his work (RR6) [RTF]

September 21 -- Begin reading Hammami and Maldonado dossier [ZIP]

September 23 -- Finish Hammami and Maldonado dossier (RR7)

September 26 -- Begin reading Jacobsen vs. U.S. (1992) [PDF]; Alsdorf, What is Entrapment (1999) [RTF]

September 28 -- Finish Jacobsen vs. U.S. (RR8)

September 30 -- An American Freedom Fighter in Libya (RR9)[PDF]

October 3 -- Begin reading Inspire Magazine (Summer, 2010) [PDF] [International students, PLEASE BE CAREFUL. You'll not want to save a copy of this on a computer that you'll need to take through airport security]

October 5 -- Finish Inspire Magazine (RR10)

The Early Ikhwan and the Rise of Sunni Militancy

October 7 -- Begin reading Carlson, Cairo to Damascus (selections) [PDF]

October 10 -- FALL BREAK, NO CLASS

October 12 -- Finish Carlson (RR11)

October 14 -- 'Egypt' from Guide to Islamist Movements (RR12) [PDF]

October 17 -- Begin reading Ibn Rushd, Distinguished Jurist's Primer, Book of Jihad [PDF] and ISIS's defense of slavery [PDF]

October 19 -- Finish Ibn Rushd and ISIS Defense of Slavery (RR13)

October 21 -- Hasan al-Banna, On Jihad (RR14) [RTF]

October 24 -- Sayyid Qutb, What I Saw in America (RR15) [RTF]

October 26 -- Begin reading Sayyid Qutb, Milestones (selections) [PDF] and selections from his commentary on the Qur'an, concerning the Jews [RTF]

October 28 -- Finish Sayyid Qutb, Milestones and selections from Qur'an commentary (RR16)

October 31 -- Michael J. Totten, interview with Esam El-Erian (RR17)[TXT]

November 2 -- Zaid Naman (Zeid al Noman), On the history of the Ikhwan in America (early 1980s) (RR18) [PDF]. Zaid Naman was an member of the MBUSA's Shurah Council and “Masul” (Leader) of its Executive Office. He delivered this speech in early-1980's to a group of American Muslim Brothers. A recording of it was discovered in 2004, when the FBI raided the Annandale, VA, residence of MBUSA/Hamas leader Ismail Elbarasse and there discovered the MBUSA's hidden archives.

November 4 -- Mohamed Akram (Mohamed Adlouni), The Explanatory Memorandum (1991) (RR19) [PDF]. Mohamed Akram was a member of the MBUSA's Shura Council. This document was discovered in the same 2004 FBI raid on Elbarasse's residence.

November 7 -- Transcript of the FBI's recording of a 1993 meeting of Hamas' American leadership (RR20) [PDF], on how to respond to President Clinton's mideast peace initiative and the founding of CAIR. The transcript was introduced into evidence during the Holy Land Foundation trial.


November 9 -- Begin reading the book you selected. For the reading reports, split your book into four sections of approximately equal length. (RR21).

November 11 -- Book continued (RR22)

November 14 -- Book continued (RR23)

November 16 -- Book continued (RR24)

Modern Jihadi and Jihadi Salafi Movements

November 18 -- Begin reading Abdullah Azzam [PDF] and his Defense of Muslim Lands [PDF]

November 21 -- Finish Abdullah Azzam texts (RR25)



November 28 -- Osama Bin Laden's early life (RR26) [PDF] and his Declaration of War [PDF]

November 30 -- Ayman al-Zawahiri's life (RR27) [PDF]

December 2 -- ISIS, A Message to the Mujahideen of the Muslim Umma (RR28) [PDF] [International students, do not save a copy of this on a computer that you'll need to take through airport security]

December 5 -- Dabiq (Issue 1; Ramadan 1435), The Return of the Khilafah (RR29) [PDF] [International students, do not save a copy of this on a computer that you'll need to take through airport security]

Dec. 13 (Tuesday, 8:00AM) -- Final dossiers due, at the beginning of the exam period